Hello, my name is confused. What’s yours?:

Hey my little space on the internet that’s private but not so private. I guess I’d like to think that when writing this the person on the other side knows me. In a way I feel like that makes things easier, but I guess everyone who owns a blog could say that its always a little bit nerve wracking to start something new and see what the outcome could or could not be. I am most likely not the average blogger you run onto here, or other popular blog sites like tumblr, which in secrecy I own many accounts. Some rather successful than others I own. Most people would probably think I am a fantastic writer, I am not. My grammar? On point. Yeah….not really. Age? Late 20’s early 30’s. Nah, I’m only twenty one. In fact I guess that’s the point of this blog anyhow. Its not meant to be perfect, but its not supposed to be sloppy either. I sat here for a couple of hours to think — what a great first post I would write, but instead found myself thinking too much. Really what blogging should always be about…is to be yourself. So ranting aside my first post is accomplished and it is totally terrible haha. Well, here goes nothing. Hello Internet my names Jess and I am a confused twenty year old girl who loves to read, write, and laugh. I might or might not be addicted to coffee and I am a seasoned advice giver. Oh did I also mention I have a serious case of social awkwardness? Ah never mind that I’m just weird. Now what about you? Whats your name.

Tata for now.

-Jess xo


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