Love Questioning :

Oh love,

Sweet sweet love, and what it does to us. When I was younger growing up seemed like the hardest thing to do. It was unexplainable to me that life consisted of growing up and going to school, meet new people, grow older, meet someone you love – get married, have kids, and eventually they’d feel the same way I once did. Interesting enough for the first time   my niece sat next to me while we were going over her homework and it dawned on me that I too once was in her position. Not a care in the world, life was limitless and fun and play was what we lived life for. When she looked over at me in a daze she asked me what I had been secretly thinking to myself. “Why does love hurt?” It was funny turning my head to see her with a puzzled face, slightly uncomfortable with the question being asked at such a young age I let out a sigh and tried to tell her something that was both truthful and yet understandable for a girl her age. “Well you see, love is a very strong thing in life that we all feel whether its family love, friend love, or relationship love. When I was little like you I used to believe that I would never grow up, or least hoped I wouldn’t, because I thought love was this big scary thing that would hurt me. And you know what? It does, love can make you feel a lot of things, and sometimes love will hurt you a lot so much that you wish you never loved in the first place, because you feel like you can’t take it, love is also something very beautiful — sometimes even unique, it can also bring you great happiness and make you feel like all you want to do is smile which is why at the end of the day when you love something or someone so much no matter how much it hurts you, its a beautiful thing.” “Yeah love is confusing.” My niece responded, I couldn’t help but laugh and nod. “Yes, yes it is.”


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