My Year Update: Life Abroad England and America

Wow, I can’t believe a year ago now I started this blog, only to leave it behind due to procrastination, which I am so great at. This past year has been such a crazy one. I can’t even put into words how many times creativity seemed to be lacking in my mind. Surely, I tell myself that’s what pushed me away from coming on here and updating my blog.

 So as far as my title goes, I thought I’d want to update you on whats been happening in my life. I have visited England two times now and I am pretty sure that I have never seen such a beautiful city like York in my life. Yes, I could be biased seeing how it’s where my boyfriend is from, but truly I have fallen in love with the architecture and history that lies within its walls.

This past visit I stayed for three weeks, and it killed me to say goodbye to a country that took so long to get used to in the first place, half of it had to do with home-sickness (and trust me for any expats or international students abroad you defiantly know what I am on about) and another part of it had to do with culture shock. It’s often said that America and England are as close as it gets to being a like in comparison to other countries on similarity, and whilst I can get in on that, from my point of view could also disagree too.  But to an extent I see where many people could see similarities, many even, but here is some I’d like to point out that I noticed that were much different for me.

(SIDE NOTE: These are things that I am saying I personally felt was different or a bit of a shock to me, and in no way say this is for all who are abroad or visiting England.)


Okay, so I already know what you’re thinking heres this American who whinges about not having Ice in her drink but hear me out. For me ice is a big thing! I have it with any drink I plan on having, whether that be soda, some juices, or coffee. You see having my drink chilled for some reason never did it really for me, or worse flat and warm. As said by my many British friends, it’s not so much so that England doesn’t like to have ice in their drink, but that it saves you money in the long run. Now at first I was slightly confused how that might be. Than I analyzed what was being said and realized that they meant by not asking for ice in your drink you were getting more soda than if you were getting ice in it.

So yes, who wouldn’t want more drink than the ice thats nearly filled to the top in order for wherever your at to make more money by you asking for a refill if the place doesn’t do freebees. It’s very smart that logic, but unfortunately my habit is to hard to overcome to not ask for Ice, so sorry for whomever is serving me if you hate the thought of me asking for ice. (Yes, I’ve been given dirty looks by some for even mentioning it, and have had some looked confused as if ice wasn’t even a thing, and last but not least some that could care less if they gave it to me or not — thank you by the way.)

                                                              Quite good phrase:

So if any of you use this phrase like I do, be mindful to some people who may take offense to this phrase. Usually where I am from its normal to use this phrase to say you’re pleased with anything, but to some folk in England without even knowing I may have sounded a bit rude, to some others it was fine. My dearest apologies to anyone that thought it wasn’t “quite” there. Meaning that steak I had was amazing really, that movie was pretty good, and the dessert was lovely.

Watch here to see Emily Blunt mention it on an interview with Stephen Cobert

Mexican Food:

So this part is most defintly just could be a me thing, seeing how I am Mexican American, and I have had the luxury to have both Tex-Mex and authetic Mexican food. The home- sickness does kick in pretty hard here though, since most shops in the U.K. unless your around London, have very limited Mexican food options (now I know for a fact that Mexican immigration in England is very few, look yourself on Mexican immigration in the U.K.) but it was something very hard to find whilst in England. All but instant El Paso kits and less than satisfactory Mexican resturants in England had me slightly sad. Than a miracle happened, other than not giving up and trying many more all around England, and me not being ignorant and shopping to cook myself Mexican food when I had a case of the blues — my boyfriend who loves Mexican food as well found an amazing one in Liverpool called Lucha Libre and I fell in love. Needless to say if your looking for some nice Mexican resturants Liverpool and Manchester is the place to be to feel a bit at home.


After all of that though, England had so many more lovely things to boast about than the very few to nothing downsides because of my comfortability back home. Which at the end of the day was changed by the end of my trip. England had changed me for the better, and by that I mean opened me up to new experiences, new food, and a lovely culture that is shaping me still today. England is my second home, it is home to my best friend and boyfriend (future husband next year) and for that I couldn’t be anymore grateful. This past year has been a whirlwind of travels for me that I am dying to share here on Teccas World that I so look forward to you reading!


If you haven’t caught up on my past posts catch up now below! I can’t wait to be more active on here, and hopefully get to share with you curious readers who I hope enjoy this post and even give me some feedback on what you would like to read in the future, because I am more than excited to share more!

 Tata for now

                                                                           – Jess x



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